What happened to my family?! (The Plight) Scary House!

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  • ida profit
    ida profit 0 часа вспять

    you are the real delirious

  • Gamer Edits
    Gamer Edits День взад +1

    Delirious: *No!THEY ATE* *ALL MY CEREAL!!!?*
    Me: _Eating Lucky Charms_
    Oh Shi---

  • The pack openers
    The pack openers 0 дней отворотти-поворотти

    I love your laugh delirious

  • killermoon song
    killermoon song 0 дней обратно

    wow in 0017

  • BoodaClips
    BoodaClips 00 дней отдавать

    At least we"re here for h2o

  • Ronay Garnica
    Ronay Garnica 04 дней обратно

    h2 delirious I know how to fix zombie games where do you live

  • Nick Von
    Nick Von 05 дней взад

    Evil Grandma or just a very family

  • Ruby Martinez
    Ruby Martinez 00 дней отворотти-поворотти +1

    Delirious I love your video

  • Dexter Copeland
    Dexter Copeland 00 дней взад

    Less pics on book

  • Christian Mani
    Christian Mani 01 будень вспять +1

    your the real delirious I love my big fan talk to me also

  • payur taxes
    payur taxes 06 дней вспять



  • Auryon Aderes
    Auryon Aderes 07 дней взад

    I think that might"ve been Daughterlirious

  • DiamondGamerBoy101
    DiamondGamerBoy101 08 дней взад

    Idk Delirious

  • juen pred
    juen pred 09 дней отступать

    no i em mr i love you h2o can you toc to me plz i love you plz plz toc to me plz

    MRBEEPSHEEP Месяц отдавать

    u r the delirious

  • Roseann Hernandez
    Roseann Hernandez Месяц отдавать

    right here Delirious i love your videos❤

  • Rebecca Eden
    Rebecca Eden Месяц отворотти-поворотти

    y da best deleris

  • Stanley Pokue
    Stanley Pokue Месяц отворотти-поворотти

    ahh where is delirious famly

  • jayden saint-fort
    jayden saint-fort Месяц отступать

    Can you play midnight man

  • Jarrod Bloor
    Jarrod Bloor Месяц обратно

    I"m a big fan

  • Advanced Mining
    Advanced Mining Месяц отступать

    delirious u are my best and favorite youtuber give me a shout out

  • Larry Chastain
    Larry Chastain Месяц отдавать


  • Sihaam Geyer
    Sihaam Geyer Месяц отворотти-поворотти

    I love your game plays

  • teirra septiceye
    teirra septiceye Месяц отступать

    Oh no delirious😯

  • altaf mahmood
    altaf mahmood Месяц отворотти-поворотти


  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith Месяц вспять

    hey delirious

  • Deziah Wilson
    Deziah Wilson Месяц отдавать

    Where is your family

  • Sherri Ray
    Sherri Ray Месяц отворотти-поворотти


  • Phillywassup Insanejukes
    Phillywassup Insanejukes Месяц обратно

    You killed them with your laugh

  • Tim V110
    Tim V110 Месяц обратно

    how about a game with these graphics and gameplay followed by jumpscare zombies by wave like call of duty and resident evil

  • Venus Militia
    Venus Militia Месяц отворотти-поворотти

    but I like your video

  • Venus Militia
    Venus Militia Месяц вспять

    I don"t know

  • Ezekiel playz
    Ezekiel playz Месяц взад

    yes your the real delirious.

  • Rinaldy Tandriady
    Rinaldy Tandriady Месяц вспять

    I love When he scream and laugh

  • Setwai Naing
    Setwai Naing Месяц отдавать

    I love all of those guys. Delirious, Vanoss and more.
    These guys are the best. :D

  • TheIrishCrafter
    TheIrishCrafter Месяц обратно

    they were all kids XD

  • Obey 00k
    Obey 00k Месяц взад

    wow i think your family is at umm 😱😱😱

  • Ashley Alvarado
    Ashley Alvarado Месяц обратно

    your are riol Delirious

  • MeanGirl 0745
    MeanGirl 0745 Месяц обратно

    as I love you h2o

  • Jim Mc Elwain
    Jim Mc Elwain Месяц отдавать

    Creepy as shit

  • Storm Rage
    Storm Rage Месяц обратно

    this was extra creepy I was in the middle of an actual thunder storm while watching this lol

  • Ossu N The Gang
    Ossu N The Gang Месяц отдавать

    delirious i think you should play sppopy games with Sr Pelo pls

  • Yonie Mahone
    Yonie Mahone Месяц отдавать

    delirious that is not yo grandma

  • Yonie Mahone
    Yonie Mahone Месяц обратно +1

    oh my god dis game is creepy

  • Kameron Brown
    Kameron Brown Месяц взад

    play Spider-Man play Spider-Man

  • JelsaRules 001
    JelsaRules 001 Месяц отворотти-поворотти

    "Please don"t poison him"

    Next second

    "Damn your ugly"😂

  • Abdul Riggins
    Abdul Riggins 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти

    it"s like i was scared a little but i didn"t flinch or jump at all

    TŸGÁ WØŁF 0 месяца отступать +2

    That"s soo fucken cute!!
    Delirious :p

  • Heart Corinne Grace Abapo
    Heart Corinne Grace Abapo 0 месяца отступать

    Who tought it said the flight?

  • Paige Davis
    Paige Davis 0 месяца обратно

    you should put the full movie drag me to hell on your chanel p.s. it"s a movie

  • the gaming wolf
    the gaming wolf 0 месяца взад +1

    I IS NUMBER 0 FAN!!!

  • Angelica Gaspersz
    Angelica Gaspersz 0 месяца обратно +1

    i love your videos

  • Angelica Gaspersz
    Angelica Gaspersz 0 месяца отступать +1


  • Angelica Gaspersz
    Angelica Gaspersz 0 месяца отступать +1

    yea where is your family

  • Jacobs Gaming
    Jacobs Gaming 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти


  • Angenae Otero
    Angenae Otero 0 месяца отдавать


  • Isshanna Yang
    Isshanna Yang 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти

    Looking back at this....out of every scary video that Delirious posted....THIS was the one that freak me out the most 😂😱😂

  • Tashina Gordon
    Tashina Gordon 0 месяца вспять

    _ so scary i don know what to say

  • Tashina Gordon
    Tashina Gordon 0 месяца вспять

    this game seems very creepy

  • Carter Furman
    Carter Furman 0 месяца вспять

    h 00 delicious

  • Jack Bal Bal
    Jack Bal Bal 0 месяца обратно

    no you ruck ken rool

  • h20unbalanced
    h20unbalanced 0 месяца взад

    your the gay delirious

  • amazingme 0903
    amazingme 0903 0 месяца вспять


  • Devileye
    Devileye 0 месяца обратно

    The game is not what scares me lmao IT YOUR SCREAMING that scares the shit out of me ❤️️

  • Someguy 02
    Someguy 02 0 месяца взад +1

    That song was around 0940 probably sang by Bai Guang. What makes it creepy is that she continuous saying, "Why won"t you come home" two times in the end

  • Terra Winchenbach
    Terra Winchenbach 0 месяца отступать

    my message messed. i mean idk where r your family"s. :0

  • Terra Winchenbach
    Terra Winchenbach 0 месяца отступать

    and I"m where your family is at! :0

    • Terra Winchenbach
      Terra Winchenbach 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти


    • Terra Winchenbach
      Terra Winchenbach 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти

      i mean Idk where your family is at, my message go messy.

  • Terra Winchenbach
    Terra Winchenbach 0 месяца взад

    delirious, i know you r real! and I like your videos alot!😄

  • Ashtyn Daniel
    Ashtyn Daniel 0 месяца обратно

    hi h2o delirious I"m ashtyn I"m a big fan of u I find ur reakshons to skery things so dam funny.....my birthday is October 02th

  • lilhilarous
    lilhilarous 0 месяца вспять

    im your number one fan you help me be come a youtuber and be my friend on the ps4 it lilhilarous

  • Giles Barreyro
    Giles Barreyro 0 месяца обратно

    that"s the most creepiest game

  • H20 DOLAN
    H20 DOLAN 0 месяца отступать

    skary as hell

  • H20 DOLAN
    H20 DOLAN 0 месяца обратно

    enyone watching in 0017

  • Mike Pope
    Mike Pope 0 месяца вспять

    I will tell you what you r u r AWSOME

  • DJ Tarrant
    DJ Tarrant 0 месяца отдавать

    Hi I got in the part of YouTube

  • ronie batac
    ronie batac 0 месяца взад

    Who"se watching 0567 :D

  • Doppleganger
    Doppleganger 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти

    the music is at the end actually sing im waiting for u to be back in chinese

  • Zac lamshed
    Zac lamshed 0 месяца взад

    " I AM WOO" 😂 I can just imagine someone saying that before kicking someone"s ass😂

  • pekemon fan art
    pekemon fan art 0 месяца обратно

    yes you are the real H2O Dilarious

    WIGGLY HD 0 месяца отступать

    I LOVE HIS LAUGH....🙌😂😂

    WIGGLY HD 0 месяца вспять +1

    hey delirious🙌🙌....!

  • Jaxon Trenerry
    Jaxon Trenerry 0 месяца взад

    how he"s saying wife lerious and his grandma lerious lol

  • Daniel Ritter
    Daniel Ritter 0 месяца обратно

    You gonna reset your game for zombie

  • cris soto
    cris soto 0 месяца взад

    Lol the end 😭

  • Mattu Yrrot
    Mattu Yrrot 0 месяца обратно

    play a movie PlayStation game

  • cameren payne
    cameren payne 0 месяца взад

    My favorite of all delirious"s characters is mannequin hoe 😂

  • little addict
    little addict 0 месяца вспять

    Fuck thunders !!!!

  • larry paz
    larry paz 0 месяца отдавать

    sup I like your vedyo is so funny

  • vannos games
    vannos games 0 месяца вспять


  • vannos games
    vannos games 0 месяца отдавать


  • H20 Hurrican
    H20 Hurrican 0 месяца отдавать

    no, Grandmalerious killed the three kids that went missing

    TROYNORSKULL BM 0 месяца вспять

    a real scarry game called attacked

  • Demon YT
    Demon YT 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти

    i like how he still didnt know tht baby delirious was actually him 😁

  • The Gray Bear
    The Gray Bear 0 месяца обратно

    you are you

  • the gaming wolf
    the gaming wolf 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти

    were you up in the middle of the night

  • PantherXGaming
    PantherXGaming 0 месяца отдавать

    who"s watching his horror game videos at night in 0017

  • Layards Graal Graal admin.
    Layards Graal Graal admin. 0 месяца вспять


  • Eli
    Eli"sha Barbee 0 месяца отдавать +1

    play wwe

  • Zuleyka that was mean but i tills like
    Zuleyka that was mean but i tills like 0 месяца обратно

    if he dint exit ill never be happy because i like him so much and how he care about his family

  • Alli Phantomhive
    Alli Phantomhive 0 месяца обратно

    you Woolierious!


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